BB Light [Garnier]

Garnier’s BB Light is simply a BB cream that promises to embelish and perfect your complexion in the most natural way possible. On the tube, it calls itself a “Natural Beautifier” and claims to be a “Miracle skin perfector” – in other words, your best ally.

BB Light Garnier

To start with, the BB cream’s color is quite surprising. The product comes out white as if it were a face cream. When looking at it a little closer, you can actually distinguish very tiny pearls. The concept: white cream for the moisture and tiny pearls for the pigmentation. Also, the product has a scent – maybe green tea? –  which is not unpleasant in my opinion.

So, I have tried it. Multiple times. However, no matter how I applied it, the product would eventually flake. To be fair, I think the best result I got was when I used a Beauty Blender because the water on the sponge would dampen the dry pearls and make the pigments “melt” on the skin. Also, I found the color to be quite orange, therefore, not very flattering nor natural.

Verdict: Not impressed. I would not recommend it.

If you own this product, I would be interested to read about your personnal experience in the comment section.

Have fun!



BB Light, Garnier, around €10 for 50ml

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