Your Lips True Colors

Lately, I have been into a nude mood with makeup, especially with lipsticks. According to me, wearing a nude lipstick is all about enhancing your natural lip color – not concealing it.

Let me share with you different types of nude lipsticks I usually go for when I want to look effortlessly fresh and glowing.


First, a picture of my bare lips to show you their natural shade – its pigmentation may affect the lipstick color and that is the reason why lipsticks tend to look different on people.


Velvet Teddy (M.A.C)

Velvet Teddy is a recent purchase of mine and, I must admit, I do understand all the hype around it. Being a Matte lipstick you expect it to be drying and not apply easily, when in fact, it glides on smoothly leaving a velvety finish on your lips. In terms of color, I would describe it as a medium peachy brown nude.


Chihuahua (Too Faced)

Chihuahua is also a new discovery for me as I am currently trying the brand’s Totally Obsessed set to which I came across at Sephora. Though the texture is light and pleasant, I must say I am not very keen on the sweet scent – yet it does disappear eventually. Colorwise, it is a slighly darker version of Velvet Teddy with a creamy finish on the lips.


05 Mademoiselle (Chanel)

To my disappointment, this lipstick has been discontinued but it seems like the brand launched a new Mademoiselle shade number 434 – in the same Rouge Coco range – which sort of resemble the old version. This creamy lipstick is a warm rosewood color which comes in a quite hydrating formula. (Mademoiselle is by far my favorite lipstick out of all my collection)


Twig (M.A.C)

Twig is definitely a darker nude as it is described on the M.A.C website as a brownish pink. This lipstick comes from the Satin range, therefore it has a semi-mat finish but it still applies quite easily. (A big thanks to my brothers who gifted it to me for Christmas! – you can never go wrong with such a gorgeous shade)


Rosewood n° 421 (Burberry)

This lipstick is obviously a rosewood color as the name would suggest. It is definitely a warm pink nude with a hint of brown to it. I would say the color is brighter than the previous ones as it may appear slighly red – depending, of course, on your natural lip color. I also really like the luxurious packaging it comes in and its magnetic closing system – although it is not very travel-friendly.


Hot Gossip (M.A.C)

Unlike the others, Hot Gossip is more of a cool tone lipstick. I would describe it as a cool pink with a hint of plum. As part of the Cremesheen range, it has a creamy yet slightly glossy finish on the lips – the product actually has very fine shimmers.


Finding the right nude lipstick shade can be hard and a bit tricky. The best way to succeed is to actually try the color on your lips. I tend to try liptsticks on the back of my hand like most people and, because of my natural lip pigmentation, I sometimes have had bad surprises in terms of final color result.

Hope this article was helpful, do not hesitate to share your tips in the comment section.

Have fun!



 Products mentionned :

Velvet Teddy (Matte), M.A.C, €19

Chihuahua (Melted Long Wear Lipstick), Too Faced, €20 at Sephora

05 Mademoiselle (Rouge Coco), Chanel, €35,50 at Sephora

Twig (Satin), M.A.C, €19

Rosewood n°421 (Lip Velvet), Burberry, €31 at Sephora

Hot Gossip (Cremesheen), M.A.C, €19

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