Live Irrésistible [Givenchy]

At the end of the year 2015, Givenchy extended its Irrésistible range releasing Live Irrésistible. This eau de parfum is said to be a spicy-fruity-floral fragrance and there is no better way to describe it. I would add that it has a surprising summery vibe and tropical warmth yet, it is definitely a fragrance I would suggest to wear in cold weathers.

Live Irresistible Givenchy

The scent in two words: spicy pineapples. To be very straightforward, this is actually the reason why I have a love-hate relationship with this perfume.

Although I was at first hooked by the fresh and bubbly TV advert and by the glamorous studded bottle, I was unfortunately not that impressed when I discovered the perfume itself.

In my opinion, this fragrance is a bit too strong as there is a lot going on with the different types of ingredient. If you are a person like me who tends to be generous when it comes to spraying perfume, then I would actually suggest you to not exceed two sprays – otherwise, it might get a little sickening. Also, what I think disappointed me the most was that this fragrance – as strong as it may appear – seemed to me a bit flat as I felt it smelled “nothing more” but hot pepper and pineapple…

If you like your fragrance to be light and discreet, this spicy cocktail is definitely not made for you. On the contrary, if you enjoy wearing statement perfumes then I think you should still give Live Irrésistible a chance as you might eventually appreciate it – just remember to try it first.

Have fun!



Top notes: pineapple
Middle notes: rose, allspice berries
Base notes: amber, musk

[This perfume was gifted to me last year by Givenchy at the end of a training session I attended.]

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