Fingertip Eyeliner [Sephora]

Among the recent new Sephora launches, I thought I would give this blue liner a try as it caught my eye while walking along the aisle.


Some of you might actually already know about this particular eyeliner but for those of you who are not familiar with the concept, its particularity resides in its application. As the name would suggest, you are supposed to insert your finger into the cap which, according to the brand, will facilitate the task of tracing your line.

Fingertip Eyeliner Sephora

At first I was intrigued – and slightly reluctant – by this new product as it seemed a little gimmicky. However, as soon as I tried it I must say I was totally impressed. I think the application is so easy as the fine tip allows you to draw a very thin line – although I would suggest you to remove any excess product from the tip. Colorwise, I have to say I am once again astonished as it is a gorgeous and pigmented bright blue which, in my opinion, is flattering regardless your skin tone.



If you were looking for a blue liner I would definitely recommend you try this one. Let me know your thoughts on this product range in the comment section as I would be curious to read about your personal opinion on this specific eyeliner and on the other colors it comes in.


Have fun!



Fingertip Eyeliner n°04 Easy Blue, Sephora, €6,95 

(I surprisingly did not find this new eyeliner range on…)

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