There is no real definition to style as it defines you. Style is visual personality translated into clothing – but it is also an attitude. You define your style and style defines you. Style has no limit. Your style should actually evolve with the person you grow to be so do not put yourself any barrier.

Style has no limit, yet it should still be “under control” – under your control. Get inspired. Trends, for instance, can be a source of inspiration. The trick is to find the right balance between being trendy with style and wearing every season trends from head to toe. Do not let trends wear you, give them your own twist! Actually, do not let any clothes wear you in general – you are the person they should embellish.

Style is not something you find one morning waiting for you under the Christmas tree. As I mentioned it before, style is a constant evolution. It is a visual reflection and expression of your current state of mind. So, does it mean everybody has style then? Yes, but not on the same growth level.

Style is about knowing and accepting yourself. Asserting and embracing your individuality is what will make your style so unique. My advice would be to be confident and to experiment. Also, DO NOT copy. Do not copy anyone or anything you see. Make you own rules.

And of course, have fun!



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