Barbie [Exhibition]

Open the Arts Décoratifs museum’s doors and discover the world of an icon.

Born a fashion model in 1959, Barbie was a revolution in the toy industry as she was not a doll made for little girls to mother. She looked like a woman as opposed to the others who resembled babies/children. As soon as she came out in stores, she became a hit.

Fifty-seven years and more than a hundred jobs later, Barbie is still a best seller and her world has expanded. As a true chameleon, she has adapted herself and evolved with women through time – thus being a reflection of their status in society.

Fashionwise, she has experienced – and is still experiencing – with a multitude of different styles according to the trends of the moment. As she became an emblematic figure, she inspired many stylists and was dressed by divers renowned designers.


I genuinely recommend this exhibition if you’re in Paris as it will take you back in time and awaken so many memories. One thing I would say though is the lighting and the vitrines are not very convenient to take pictures.

Have fun!



Barbie, Les Arts Décoratifs (Paris), from March, 10th to September, 18th 2016


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