Matcha is a delicate green tea powder traditionally used in Japan. It is mostly known for its numerous health benefits as well as its exquisite taste.

My first matcha experience actually started with a bite of a refined pastry I chose due to its unusual green color. Since then, the memory of this soft delicacy never left my mind.

Matcha is a great source of antioxidants which prevent cell damage and lower the risks of certain diseases such as cancer. Contrary to coffee, matcha will awake the mind and the body in a relaxing way – it was actually used in Japan during meditation practice for its soothing and focusing power. And the magic does not end here as matcha is also known to boost metabolism and to help burning fat.

Quantity wise, one cup of matcha tea is actually equivalent to drinking ten cups of ordinary brewed green tea – as you are consuming the entire tea leaves which have been turned into powder. Also, only one teaspoon of matcha powder is needed per person when preparing a drink or another cooking mixture.

This magical green powder is still quite hard to find – at least in Paris –  and is expensive as it is a high quality product. I would suggest you going to a health food store where it is most likely to be sold at or to order it on Internet as it may be easier to find. Make sure to compare the prices – I bought my 50g sachet for around €10 at the store but I saw cheaper ones on Amazon with twice the quantity.

If you are curious about matcha and want to know in more details about its health benefits  you can read it all here as I find this website quite complete.

Have fun!



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