Trinity Ring [Cartier]

This legendary, now classic, Trinity ring was created in 1924 by Louis Cartier. Its Art Déco design is recognizable yet timeless. This precious jewel is composed of three bands of three different gold colors which intertwine with one another.

The Trinity ring is also known as the “love ring” as each band stands for a promise. The white gold band represents friendship. The pink gold band symbolizes love. The yellow gold band expresses fidelity.

Besides its original meaning, this ring owns a special place in my heart for it wrote its own story in my life.

Trinity Ring Cartier

The first time I encountered this elegant piece of heaven was actually back when I was little girl, when my Dad gifted it to my Mom. I remember stars sparkling in my eyes as we all entered the Cartier boutique to take shelter from the rain. As my Mom was figuring out the right ring size, I was also trying them next to her secretly wishing I would get one too.

Little did I know, on my 18th birthday my parents brought me to a Cartier boutique to choose a ring among a range they have had selected. As soon as I discovered the different rings lying in front of me, the Trinity ring was all I could see. I tried a few other models on but none of them looked – nor felt – as right as the Trinity ring did.

I am not a type of person who wears a lot of jewels but when I do, I like them to have a sentimental value. I love it how an object can bring back so many memories – makes me feel as if I were travelling through time.

Have fun!



Trinity de Cartier ring, Classic

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