Blés Vendôme

If you took a stroll around the streets in Paris recently, you may have noticed quite an unusual scenery happening Place Vendôme.

French artist Gad Weil planted 1 million ears of wheat into sand in order to create a vast field. Inspired by the illuminator technique from the Middle Ages, he painted – with the help of other people – each and every wisps to embellish this natural material which is meant to react differently with the light.

Several symbols hide behind this meticulous creation, the first one being the relationship between nature and humans. Through this three dimensional painting, Gad Weil invites each and every one of us to respect and admire nature.

Sponsored by Chanel, Blés Vendôme inherits another symbolic touch as wheat was known to be Gabrielle Chanel’s fetish. As a metaphor for perpetual creativity, Mademoiselle used to decorate her home with different ears of wheat representations. This prosperity symbol is still present today in the House’s fashion and jewelry collections.

DSC00203 (5)

This street art is ephemeral and can be admired till July 7th Place Vendôme (Paris) as it will eventually travel to Château de Saumur – in the city in which Gabrielle Chanel was born.

Have fun!



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