The 80s: one decade, two moods

The 80s makeup was all about bright colors and boldness. Pop music as well as hard rock and metal were all the rage at that time and had great influence on fashion and beauty.

Although the 80s have two distinct faces – pop colors vs dark glam – there seems to be only one rule: to make a statement. Whether it is Madonna or Cindy Lauper inspired, here is my take on that sparkling decade made of glitz and eccentricity.

For the first look, the use of bright colors is essential. Pinks and purples are a great choice to make the makeup more wearable – those shades can be used to softly smoke the eyes, blush the cheeks and make the lips pop. The final 80s touch resides in the blue mascara which gives a simple pink spring makeup a fun and fresh twist.

DSC00444 (2)

DSC00381 (2)

Change of mood for the second look adding an edgy attitude to it. Think rebel with a hint of glam. Since bright red lips are the center of attention, the idea is to gently smoke the eyes with a warm toned shade and to expand it – in a straight pointy wing – to the tip of the eyebrow. As to define the lower lash line, a blended dark brown shadow should do the trick.

DSC00494 (2)

DSC00462 (4)

Have fun!



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