Le Carré [Hermès]

Light, soft and delicate… Hermès knows how to keep you warm with style.

Since 1937, the square-shaped silk scarf is an emblematic piece of the House. Worn by icons from Grace Kelly, to Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Onassis, this simple yet sophisticated accessory became a must-have that spelled glamor and French chic.

Hermès savoir-faire and the multiple designs this scarf has dressed into over the years made it timeless. A sentimental treasure which would be transmited from a generation to another – much as a luxurious comforter.

Le Carré exists in different dimensions – 90 x 90 cm being its traditional size – which allow multiple ways to style it. Although the House shares a few knot tying techniques, one eventually finds and creates her/his own personal way to do so.


Carré Hermès

Les voitures à transformation

Carré Hermès

Have fun!



[Note: apply your perfume before wearing the scarf as it may stain the silk forever.]

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