Chanel: verdict – #1month1brand

The end of September has finally come, time for the Chanel makeup kit to be reviewed. Keep scrolling…


Start with a clean and hydrated skin.

To even out my complexion, I used the Correcteur Perfection concealer. I applied a small amount around my eyes to cancel any darkness as well as anywhere my skin would have a little of redness. The formula melts in quite easily and gives a nive brightening effect. Keep in mind to use a small quantity of product as it may emphasize any dry patches otherwise. I would describe this concealer to be medium coverage.

The settle the previous product, I used the provided cushion to tap the Poudre Universelle Libre onto my skin. Though I find the packaging not to be very practical, I was actually amazed by the powder as it gives the skin a smooth and airbrushed texture. If you have combination to oily skin, you might end up with a shiny T-zone by the end of the day as the matifying effect does not last. This product also has a light pleasant baby powder scent.


To bring a little warmth to the face, I dabbed the Les Beiges Sheer Glow Colour Stick onto my cheeks. This cream blush turns into powder during the application process which makes the product blend easily and allows the user not to make any mistake. Just like the powder, this blush is lightly scented.

For the eyes, I blurred the Stylo Eyeshadow with my fingers on the lid and under my lower lash line to create a bright halo. This stick eyeshadow also provides a pleasant fresh effect to the skin as soon as it touches the surface. The longevity is fine although it will fade by the end of the day and may crease depending on the environment.

To open the eyes, I brushed the Inimitable Intense mascara through my lashes. To be honest, I was a little suprised with its formula as it is quite dry. For this reason, you have to work the product quite quickly. Also, you cannot apply as many coats as you would like to as you may end up with spidery-looking lashes. Colorwise, I was a little disapointed as I thought it would give a more intense effect with some red reflects depending on the lighting.

For the final touch, four different lip products.

On the top-left picture, I am wearing the Gloss Volume which is supposed to plump your lips. There is indeed a slight mint scent to the gloss but I must say the plumping effect remains quite natural. Formulawise, this gloss is shiny but sticky.

On the top-right picture, I am wearing my favourite nude lipstick which unfortunately does not exist anymore in the range. It is the Rouge Coco in the shade Mademoiselle which may resemble the shade Adrienne from the same range.

On the bottom-left picture, another Rouge Coco lipstick in the shade Légende which is available. Compared to the Mademoiselle lipstick, its finish is more shiny – slightly frosty. This cool-toned berry pink shade gives a fresh pop of color to any king of makeup.Its creamy formula is comfortable to wear and will fade nicely through time.

On the bottom-right picture, I am wearing a Rouge Allure lipstick in the legendary shade Pirate. This intense red has cool pink undertones which will brighten your smile by making your teeths look whiter. The formula is quite thin and creamy which translates into shiny lips – slightly glossy. The color eventually fades but unfortunately not evenly: it may leave your lips with a line all around and no color in the center.

If you also would like to share your thoughts on Chanel makeup products, please feel to leave a comment in the section below.

Have fun!



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