Baby Blues

The colder outside, the darker the shades. Time to brighten up your fall/winter wardrobe with a pinch of pastel color

The key to an edgy outfit is to mix and match bold colors with softer tones. Also, choosing well-cut pieces give structure to the overall result.

The outfit is built up upon a pair of basic black slim jeans and a classic white shirt. The boots add a sixties vibe and a touch of modernity to the simple base while the leather bag spices up the outfit in terms of color.

The final touch resides in the baby-blue coat which complements quite well the metal detail on the boots as well as the bag’s dark blue-grey pannels . The soft baby-blue shade unexpectedly gives the outfit a strong attitude.



Have fun!



Shirt: Uniqlo

Slim jeans: Etam

Boots: Zara

Bag: Scuola del Cuoio (Florence)

Coat: Zara

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