NARS: verdict – #1month1brand

Happy New Year!

Since January has already started, it is about time for the NARS makeup kit to be reviewed.

As a reminder, always start with a clean face and apply your usual skincare product(s) before doing your makeup.


The Radiant Creamy Concealer is a nice product to both conceal and highlight. Since it has coverage, apply with parsimony under your eyes and anywhere else needed. The texture is as expected quite thick and requires some time to blend – either with a brush, a sponge or your fingers.

The Blush Bronzer Duo comes in quite handy when traveling but the Orgasm blush is too glittery in my opinion. However, the Laguna bronzer deserves all the hype as its shade mimics perfectly a real tan. The powder is pigmented but still effortlessly blendable.

The Dolce Vita blush gives a fresh flush of color on the cheeks. Its matte finish gives the whole makeup a more natural look. Still, be aware of its high pigmentation – more difficult to blend than the Laguna bronzer.


The Audacious Mascara is a good product to separate and lengthen the lashes – not so much to give them volume. Its brush acts like a roller: its long and small plastic spikes allow a nice grip to comb through the lashes and deposite the right amount of product. However, the formula crumbles and transfers by the end of the day which does not make it the best mascara of all time. [Warning: the brush may irritate your eyes during the application due to its long spikes].


The Mini Audacious Lipsticks in shade Leslie (above) and Bette (bellow) are absolutely stunning. There are highly pigmented, creamy formulawise and long-lasting. If I were to recommend you trying one product from NARS, it would definitely be one of their lipsticks.


Have you tried any other NARS products you would recommend?

Have fun!



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