Find Your Terracotta Soulmate

Rise and shine… Terracotta master since 1984, Guerlain counts now four whole ranges to choose from which can appear a little intimidating for some of us – not to mention, discouraging.

Discover in 3 easy steps your Terracotta soulmate.

Where to start?

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As surprising as it may seem, choosing the Terracotta‘s intensity – aka pigmentation – will allow to make the first cut. Guerlain divides its ranges into two types of tan: the 3-Day Tan and the 3-Week Tan.


The next step consists in determining your skin undertone – cool, neutral or warm – as Guerlain classifies its bronzers into Blondes and Brunettes categories.

Take a look at your wrist:

– If your veins appear blue then your skin has a cool undertone. The Blondes shades are made for you as there is a hint of pink/red to the powders.


– If you see them green, you are on the warm side. A bronzer from the Brunettes shade range would suit you the most as it has golden/orange hints of color.


– And, if you cannot decide whether it looks greener or bluer, then you are just neutral – meaning you can use products from either categories.


Last but not least, decide which effect you want your Terracotta to have on your skin by selecting the range that meets your expectations.

Terracotta Joli Teinta matte bronzer duo which gives a subtle healthy glow to the face.


Terracotta: the iconic classic bronzer which satin finish mimics a natural summertime tan.


Terracotta Light: a shimmery bronzer which delicately highlights a sun-kissed complexion.


Terracotta 4 Seasons: a bronzing matte palette which offers its owner a tailor-made tan throughout the year.


Once a Terracotta, always a Terracotta. This bronzer is definitely a staple in anyone’s makeup kit and, by and large, a reference in the makeup industry.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to leave a comment as I will be pleased to answer them.

Have fun!



[Source: The product pictures used for the collages were either taken from the Guerlain or the Sephora website.]


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