Michael [Paraboot]


Since 1945, the Michael shoes are a definite reference in the footwear industry.

This particular Paraboot model played a major role in the brand’s history – survival – staying true to its traditional values.

Reinvented through the years in various styles, the original and genuine shoe design still exists nowadays.

So, what makes this Made in France model a must?

A robust leather lining sewed onto a thick rubber sole – which the brand is quite well-known for. These shoes make the perfect winter ally as your feet are well isolated from the ground. Plus, its sole has a good grip on slippery sidewalks when strolling around the city on a rainy day.

If that was not enough, the quality of these shoes is incredible as they are timeproof*. Not only timeless but, really, timeproof. For once, you know you are making a good investment.

Any Paraboot lovers here? Which brand or shoes would you recommend to face cold weather?

Have fun!



*My Mom has had hers for about more than 30 years now and they are still in a perfect state. Yes, timeproof.

[Note: the Michael shoes featured in this article are the Michael Lapin model.]


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