Clean-ique or not, Clinique?

The 10-day trial period requested by Clinique for best results has come to an end which means it is time for a review.

However, a skin care review would not be complete without a component check. So, for each product, I searched every single ingredient’s information and categorized them into 3 groups:

  • no to very low health hazard
  • low health hazard
  • close to medium health hazard

Also, ingredients are listed according to their quantity – the first one mentionned being the most present substance.

To discover if great skin can – really – be created, keep scrolling…


[Note: to read each product’s claim, click here.]

STEP 1 – Cleanse

The Liquid Facial Soap Mild is a very gentle cleanser product. Its thick and slimy formula foams effortlessly while massaged onto damp skin. After rinsing it, the face feels clean without any form of residue left behind. The ingredient composition is not that bad as the harmful components are low on the health hazard scale and are, for the most part, at the end of the list.


Total: 23

Low health hazard: 5 – Close to medium health hazard: 1

STEP 2 – Exfoliate

The Clarifying Lotion 2 came out to be the most surprising product out of all – but not really in a good way. The lotion is targeted for dry combination skin type and felt (too) refreshing on the skin almost irritating. Why? The answer resides in the ingredient list. The second ingredient mentionned – just after water – is alcohol. Three ingredients further is mentol. You may want to avoid this lotion if your skin is sensitive. The composition here is actually not the best in general as shown on the list below.


Total: 13

Low health hazard: 2 – Close to medium health hazard: 3

STEP 3 – Moisturize

The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + just feels like a regular face cream with a slightly unpleasant scent. It absorbs quite quickly and leaves a thin greasy feeling type of film on the skin after application. Ingredientwise, not the best composition with 3 unhealthy components at the beginning of the list.


Total: 22

Low health hazard: 5 – Close to medium health hazard: 4



Well, unfortunately it did not give such amazing results to me. Quite the contrary actually. After a few days using this day-and-night ritual, I found my skin have a few breakouts on the forhead area – as you may see on the pictures. I think the reaction is mostly due to the aggressive treatment it received with the clarifying lotion – then again, I may be wrong.

Overall, these products were not the worst yet not the best either. Once again, beware with the clarifying lotion if you have sensitive skin. You could actually replace it with a more gentle one and keep Steps 1 and 3 of the Clinique ritual instead.

Have you ever tried this 3-Step ritual by Clinique? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

Have fun!



[Website used to track products’s ingredients: EWG’s Skin Deep]

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