Empress Sissi [Heart-to-Art]

Empress Sissi, portrait by Franz Xaver Winterhalter


Unconventional. Independent. Wild. Empress Elisabeth of Austria certainly did not leave anyone indifferent. Well captured by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, the Empress of Hearts was also known for her beauty. The German painter shows a radiant-looking Sissi whose features seem to be delicately enhanced by touches of makeup.

Scroll down to recreate Sissi’s look with a modern twist…



Sissi’s complexion looks effortlessy flawless and healthy. Choose a BB Cream or a light coverage foundation and apply were needed to create a fresh looking skin as natural as possible. Skip powder or select one with a hint of iridescence to keep the glow.


For the eye makeup, nothing to complicated. Apply a bronze-toned eyeshadow all over the lid and blend around the crease for a flawless effect. Add a touch of light to the inner corner with a shimmery light shade. Finish up by tracing a simple line with a black eyeliner along the upper lashline – without creating a wing. Sissi does not seem to be wearing anything on her lashes but you could apply a few coats of brown mascara to keep the eyes subtle.



As for blush, add a light flush of pink to the cheeks – Sissi seems to have applied hers very close to her lips and blended it upward along her cheekbones. To complete the look, choose a orange-toned lipstick with a glossy finish – a bold orange will give a slightly punchy twist to this fairly natural makeup.




Sissi’s Painting: https://alchetron.com/Empress-Elisabeth-of-Austria-1166084-W

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