Get in the Mod

Taking a look at the latest Chanel runway show, the 60s seem to make a comeback both in fashion and beauty. However, what does it actually mean and how to interpret it in 2017?



Let’s start from the beginning. The Mod – or Modernist – is considered a subculture which first bloomed in London. The mods referred to young people driving scooters whose sleek appearance would mainly consist of fitted Italian inspired suits and short hairstyles. It quickly tookover the country – as well as many others. On a more feminine side, supermodel Twiggy and mini-skirts first come to mind when thinking about the Mod influence.


Tailored. Bold. Graphic.


Same motto. Girls would usually wear their hair sleek and parted on one side addind volume to the crown of their head – the pixie cut was a hit. Makeup wise, the attention was mainly drawn to the eyes. A dark eyeliner was traced along the eye crease as well as the upper lashline to contrast with a light colored eyeshadow – usually white or blue. The lower lashes also played a major role in the whole Mod look and were intensified with eyeliner for a graphic-feather effect. To complement the sulky looking eyes, a pale pink shade was applied onto the lips.


Although you could perfectly wear the Mod makeup the way it is, here are two suggestions on how to give the classic look a twist.

Soften the graphic eye look by using a grey/kaki/taupe eyeshadow instead of a black liner. Applying a lighter shade over the entire eyelid will emphasize the contrast and help with blending the line traced along the crease.

To keep the eye makeup lightweight, avoid placing eyeliner along the upper lashline, instead, carry on with mascara. Apply a light coat on the upper lashes just to awaken the eyes. Then, proceed with the bottom lashes and, this time, feel more generous for a fuzzy/feathery effect.

For a colorful twist, this second look is even easier to achieve. Apply a light pink eyeshadow to the entire eyelid to brighten up the eyes. Still using eyeshadow, smoke a bold color – such as an emerauld green – along the lower lashline. Finish up by applying mascara the same way as for the previous look.

As for the lips, just add a touch of a light pink lipstick. An authentic way to complete both makeup looks.


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