Down to Earth

Escaping the daily urban reality. Gazing at the wild landscape. Feeling the warm atmosphere. 


Summer. One season. Two interpretations.

SMOKY BLOOM – Fresh sunrise. Dusty breeze. Blushing petals.


FACE. Shade and light.

Apply a BB cream where needed and if needed. Add a little bronzer in a 3-shape to give the face dimension and color.

EYES. Think soft. Act wild.

Apply a neutral eyeshadow on the entire eyelid to even the lid color and help with the blending. Lightly smoke a cool tone brown into the crease and the lower lashline – you can use the previous neutral eyeshadow to smooth the edges. Pop a pink tone highlight shade onto the lid and inner corner. Apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes to emphasize the smoky lower lashline.

LIPS. Velvet touch.

Finish with a matte rosewood lipstick to soften the look.


TERRACOTTA – Golden hours. Sunburned gardens. Crispy soils.


FACE. Natural glow.

Just like the previous look, keep the face as bare as possible by applying a BB cream where needed – feel free to skip this step. Warm the complexion by adding bronzer in a 3-shape. For a dewy skin effect, a touch of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and above the eyebrow will do the trick.

EYES. Toasted halo.

Even the eyelid with a neutral eyeshadow color. Blend an orange-caramel tone shadow in the crease and dust it lightly on the lower lashline as well. Add a warm tone highlight on the lid and the inner corner. Apply a light coat of mascara to the upper lashes for a feathery effect.

LIPS. Sunkissed.

Select an earthy matte lipstick shade to compliment the burned eyeshadow.



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