Fall 2017 – #ProjectPan

Have you ever felt like your beauty addiction had gone a little too far? I have. Have you ever being guilty of leaving a product “rotting” on the shelves despite the excitement you felt buying it? Well, me too. However, have you ever wanted to slow things down and actually use and enjoy your makeup?  This article may be for you then, keep scrolling!



“Project Pan” is not a new concept. It emerged in response to the beauty product shopping spree craze occuring among the beauty community these last few years. Beauty gurus and some of their viewers saw their makeup collection grow overnight driven by all the new releases brands were launching each season. Due to this never-ending accumulation of goods, products were scarcely being used. Time passed and their expiration date approached. Eventually, they all would end up decluttered – video-taped or not.


To avoid the waste of products – and money as well – some beauty gurus launched the “Project Pan” idea. This concept consists in selecting a kit of products and eventually hitting pan (a.k.a using the product until sight of the container’s bottom) after several uses. “Projects Panners” keep track of the amount of product left after a few week/month period to keep other “Project Pannners” and themselves motivated – as using the same products every single day for a whole month can quickly become insipid, especially when you cannot compare the before and after progress. Obviously, during the whole process, “Project Panners” are not supposed to buy any other beauty goods either until they’ve hit pan or used entirely a few of their selected products.



The main reason that may lead to joining the “Project Pan” movement may be to avoid waste – both of product and money. The whole process will then make you rethink your old buying habits: since it takes a lot of time – and effort – before finishing up a whole product, odds are high you will now think twice before purchasing this cool new highlighter everybody seems to be raving about. Another popular reason that appears to motivate people into “Project Panning” concerns animal cruelty. Several beauty gurus shared their desire to use up all the beauty products they already own to then replace them by cruelty free substitute – this is actually what I also intend doing. “Project Pan” may not calm down the beauty game that has been going strong lately but at least it may educate your way of consuming as well as overcome FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).



Anyone who wants to enjoy their makeup collection to the fullest – and maybe save themselves from the infernal beauty consumerism spiral.



Simply select a few makeup items to create a kit to use daily. Do not choose products just because you have to finish them. Actually, take your time and pick the ones which you think would make you enjoy the whole “Project Pan” journey. Do not pressure yourself, this won’t help at all. Keeping track of the products’s quantity is quite motivating and satisfying. Make sure to measure the quantity on the first day of your “Project Pan” and set a date – maybe a couple of weeks after you started – to check your progress. Some products are hard to evaluate so don’t let it bring your motivation down, just keep going! Finally, wait to finish up a product before purchasing a new one – let it be a reward.



Concealer - Chanel

Contour Powder Duo - Marc Jacobs

Blush Stick - Chanel

Météorites Face Powder - Guerlain

Mascara - Doucce

Lipstick - MAC


Makeup Look 1

Are you into “Project Panning” as well? Don’t hesitate to share your tips or thoughts in the comments below, I would be glad to read them.


Makeup featured:

-Correcteur Perfection, Chanel (20 Beige)

-The Eyebrow Pencil, Guerlain (01 Le Brun Idéal)

-Brow Artist Plumper, L’Oréal (transparent)

-#INSTAMARC, Marc Jacobs (40 Mirage Filter)

-Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, Too Faced (medium/deep)

-Les Beiges Blush, Chanel (N°20)

-Météorites Pearl Powder, Guerlain (2 Clair)

-Shadow Insurance Primer, Too Faced

-Diorshow Fusion Mono, Dior (001 Lune)

-Punk Volumizer Mascara, Doucce

-Satin Finish Lipstick, M.A.C (Twig)


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