Feedback – Fall 2017 – #ProjectPan

Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Using the same makeup items. Every. Single. Day.
Sounds like fun, right?
Well, to be honest, at first you might feel a little frustrated not being able to use other items than the ones you’ve chosen. You might feel as well a little discouraged the first few weeks not really seeing the progress you’ve made on products. But, eventually, your progress will show. And you will feel even more eager to continue on your “Project Pan” journey.
Then, one day, it’s time to put an end to it. To change your makeup ritual. To put your makeup items to rest. To update your look. And start with a brand new makeup selection from your collection.
What worked? What didn’t? Why? Has any pan been hit? Anything discarded?
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Concealer - CHANEL 1
Correcteur Perfection, Chanel (20 Beige)
Comment – A medium to high coverage concealer with a foamy texture. Easy to blend – although it may need to be warmed up a little, so I would suggest working with your fingers. A generous quantity of product – plus, a little goes a long way. A discreet scent.
Status – High quantity of product still. Remains in the collection.
Eyebrow pencil - GUERLAIN 1
The Eyebrow Pencil, Guerlain (01 Le Brun Idéal)
Comment – Simply a classic eyebrow pencil to deepen the eyebrow – not ideal for a very precise work. A waxy – slightly creamy – texture. The shade may not work for every brow color though. Needs to be sharpened. No scent.
Status – High quantity of product still. Remains in the collection.
Brow Artist Plumper, L’Oréal (transparent)
Comment – A transparent brow gel which could be a great product if the hold was stronger and lasted longer. However, the gel does not dry white which is a good point. No scent.
Status – Used up. Discarded.
Contour powder - MARC JACOBS 2
#INSTAMARC, Marc Jacobs Beauty (40 Mirage Filter)
Comment – A quality contour powder, finely mild and with an ideal shade to create a shadow. A generous amount of product which will last you for quite a while. No scent.
Status – Appearance of a small dent. Remains in the collection.
Chocolate Matte Soleil Bronzer, Too Faced (medium/deep) – Mini size
Comment – A nice staple bronzer to warm up the complexion. This medium/deep shade could look a little orange on lighter skin tones. Nicely pigmented and easy to blend. A good quantity of product. Chocolate scented.
Status – Pan has been hit. Remains in the collection.
Blush stick - CHANEL 1
Les Beiges Blush, Chanel (N°20)
Comment – A cream blush which turns into powder. Easy to blend. Tends to fade during the day. Lightly scented. A generous quantity of product – compared to the amount needed for each application.
Status – High quantity of product still. Remains in the collection.
Meteorites - GUERLAIN 2
Météorites Pearl Powder, Guerlain (2 Light)
Comment – Can be used for both setting the face and/or as a natural highlighter. Ideal for a glowing/healthy looking makeup. A high quantity of product – more than in the compact version. The packaging may not be very travel friendly, hence its existence in a compact form. An addictive scent of violet.
Status – High quantity of product still. Remains in the collection.
Eyeshadow Primer -Too Faced
Shadow Insurance Primer, Too Faced
Comment – Slightly pigmented – warm beige tone. From a liquid – almost a mousse – to a dry formula. Makes eyeshadows last longer for sure. The tube packaging may sometimes not be ideal as it lets a lot of product come out all at once. Also, the formula can “break” and a tube is not the most convenient packaging to mix the product all back together. No scent.
Status – Has gone bad. Discarded.
Eyeshadow - DIOR 1
Diorshow Fusion Mono, Dior (001 Lune)
Comment – A very light – almost watery – texture. To apply over an eyeshadow primer – otherwise it will crease. Tends to fade during the day. Comes with a small sponge applicator – quite useful for once ! – which will coat the lid with more pigment than when applied with fingers.
Status – Appearance of a small dent. Remains in the collection.
Mascara - DOUCCE 1
Punk Volumizer Mascara, Doucce – Mini size
Comment – A soft fluffy brush which helps separate the lashes and gives volume. A wet formula which tends to flake and transfer on the skin by the end of the day.
Status – Discarded before it being completely used up – because I accidently dropped the brush in the trashbin.
Mascara Dimension -CHANEL 1
Dimensions de Chanel, Chanel (10 Black) – Sample size
Comment – A short-bristled fluffy brush which gives shape to the lashes. The formula coats the lashes without making them stick together however, by the end of the day, some of it may slightly flake. I would recommend the mascara Le Volume over this one, from the same brand.
Status – Used up. Discarded.
Lipstick Twig - MAC 1
Satin Finish Lipstick, M.A.C (Twig)
Comment – The texture feels smooth and comfortable on the lips. The finish is between matte and creamy. The color is pigmented and opaque. The shade Twig is a dusty pink with a hint of brown.
Status – Product running low – and well loved. Remains in the collection.
Will I continue my “Project Pan” journey? Absolutely. This time, focusing on enjoying products I already own – and not so much on hitting pan.

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