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Organic, affordable, made in France… Meet La Provençale and her skincare line created around Provence’s green nuggets: olives.

The brand offers a large range of products from face creams to body wash and even deodorants the main ingredient being AOC Provence organic virgin olive oil.

This review will only focus on the three skincare products below I have tested for more than a month now.


This face cream is suitable for all skin types, according to La Provençale, and can be applied day and/or night. Its main ingredients include – surprise! – AOC Provence organic virgin olive oil, organic shea butter and carnauba wax.

The lotion-like texture feels lightweight but may peel off if you go slightly overboard with the quantity – also to be noted, the condensation effect which may happen if you get a hot flash for whatever reason and are left with a sweat face mask.

Otherwise, La Crème Radieuse moisturizes the face pretty well giving the skin a light glow and its scent is actually pleasant – it smells like Weleda‘s Medicinal Herbs Cream, which is a good thing.


This night serum aims to both nourish and tighten the skin. It combines three different vegetable oils: AOC Provence organic virgin olive oil, organic argan oil and organic jojoba oil.

The texture of the serum resembles a dry oil – not too greasy, not too liquid – and is easily absorbed by the skin. The tightening effect appears as soon as you wake up yet the skin may feel a bit dry – the presence of fragrance maybe – so I would not recommend using it on its own for sensitive and/or dry skins. However, oily skins, this may work great for you!

Overall, if L’Huile de Jouvence does not work for your face, try using it on your legs to add a shiny and (light) floral scented touch.


Last but not least, the anti-aging cream. This rich nourishing face cream’s main components are AOC Provence organic virgin olive oil – as always – , olive leaf, jasmine and mimosa.

The creamy texture melts like a dream and is very comfortable to wear at night. It will leave you skin plump and moisturized. The scent – just like the other products – is fresh and not overpowering.

La Crème de Jouvence was my favorite skin care product out of the three and also the first one I ran out of. I only used it at night due to its rich texture and preferred applying La Crème Radieuse as a lighter day cream.

If you have tried any of these skin care products or any others from La Provençale, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to share your feedback.


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