Not Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

“Bringeth to a full rousing bubble, then add two drops oil of boil and a dead man’s toe.

Next, add a dab of newt saliva, dash of pox. Stir thrice.

One final thing and all is done.

Add a piece of thine own tongue…

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus © 1993

…Administer one drop to victim and stand back.

When victim’s life force shows, inhale the glowing aura.

When the aura is extinguished, the victim is dead and you shall be young again.”

Not everybody owns a “Boo-ooooo-k!” to help them look younger – although following the recipe inside might get you into trouble. Instead, some brands are willing to do the hocus-pocus for us. Let me introduce you to some of these magical products…


Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream - BENTON

Named after the movie “The Curious case of Benjamin Button”, BENTON‘s aim is to make your skin look and feel younger. The South Korean brand‘s quest for youth relies on quality natural ingredients and healthy recipes for longterm results. BENTON is certified by  ECOCERT – which approves its ingredients’ organic origin – and by PETA – testifying that the cosmetic brand does not test on animals.

As the name would suggest, the Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream contains in its formula among other more classic, yet very effective ingredients, snail secretion filtrate – in other terms, snail slime – and bee venom – which speaks for itself.

Snail secretion is appreciated – especially in South Korea nowadays – for its moisturizing effect but also for its wound-healing properties and cell-growth stimulation.

Bee venom is said to stimulate collagen production giving the skin more elasticity and keeping it more firm. Its benefits also include cell regeneration.

It is worth noting that the formula is free from artificial preservatives, alcohol and fragrance – which makes it also suitable for sensitive skins.

A medium pea-size amount of the face cream is enough for each use so the 50g of product will last you for a long time. As written above, it is not scented and its texture is between a rich gel and a light anti-wrinkle cream.

I discovered the brand strolling around the new Galeries Lafayette Champs Élysées’ beauty section and have already repurchased the item twice – and will, for sure, repurchase it again.


Le Chardon et le Marabout - GARANCIA

Founded in 1908 by French pharmacist Pierre Girault in Marseilles, GARANCIA distinguishes itself from others with its plant-based concoctions. Four generations later, the brand is still owned by the founder’s family: Mr. Girault’s great-granddaughter Saveria Girault – also a pharmacist. Not only does GARANCIA create healthy skincare products but it also aims to develop a sensorial experience for its users playing with different types of texture and scent. The brand has also imagined an entire enchanting world around its products turning scientific research into magical potions – which also reflects in the names of the products.

The story behind The Thistle and The Marabou‘s Nude BB cream originated with the discovery of the Scotch Thistle’s healing powers. The plant contains a protein called LEKTI which some people were lacking causing them to have fragile skin. Their considered orphan disease finally came to an end thanks to a doctor who made a tincture out of this thistle and eventually realized the astonishing repairing results the plant had on the skin.

Inspired by this discovery, the GARANCIA Laboratory developed CICATRISONE®, a mix of four botanical extracts – including the thistle protein – to boost the epidermis’s renewal. This BB cream can be applied by itself or over your regular face cream and because it is pigment-free, it can be used as a night cream as well.

A pigmented version exists for deeper skin tones which might mean the Nude BB cream leaves a white cast. Keep in mind to only use the Golden BB cream during daytime as it is makeup mixed with skincare.

I find The Thistle and The Marabou‘s Nude BB cream to be a good addition to my BENTON’s face cream as it adds another protection layer to fight cold weather – at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Also, I have seen it help with the skin healing process for scars while giving a glow to the complexion.

I highly encourage you to take a look at their different products and to try them if you have the chance. Another great face cream – more suitable for summer – is the Diabolic Tomato Water Cream.


Jasmin Mandarin - MARIAGE FRERES

Last but not least, a drinkable potion: jasmine green tea. A cup of this beverage contains countless properties for both the body and mental state. Introduced in China back in 206BC, jasmine tea first became popular for its exquisite taste. Yet, the combination of green tea properties and jasmine’s make it a powerful brew.

The scent of jasmine is actually known to be very soothing and a good anxiety relief. Simply smelling your cup of tea – while waiting for it to cool down a little – may already have a calming effect on you and enhance your mood. Now, drinking jasmine green tea takes the properties to a whole other level. High in antioxydants, jasmine green tea helps prevent harmful effects of free radicals such as skin aging but also cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In addition to this, it is said to protect your teeth fighting against plaque-forming bacteria which lead to cavities and help with weight loss.

As an example, here is Jasmin Mandarin from French tea House MARIAGE FRÈRES.

Founded in 1854 by two brothers, Henri and Edouard Mariage, MARIAGE FRÈRES is a prestigious French tea House which original boutique is located in the Marais area in Paris. Owned by Kitti Cha Sangmanee since 1984, the luxurious tea House wishes to protect its confidentiality – hence the absence of any kind of advertisement – and preserve its quality and respect of tradition. MARIAGE FRÈRES’s tea collection include a variety of combinations all lined up on wooden shelves. Going through these little black boxes – or colorful ones – to inhale the scent they hold feels like choosing a book by taking a glimpse of the story inside.

Each time the world might feel a little dull, you can always step inside one of MARIAGE FRÈRES’s boutique and let yourself travel from one sensorial adventure to another…


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