Stay@Home Makeup Look – #AsSeenIn

Celebrities favorites, editorial selection, new-in products… Flipping through the beauty pages of several women’s magazines, I selected three makeup products to create a simple look – perfect to look put together while staying at home.


Melon Dollar Baby, L’ORÉAL PARIS

In her interview for MARIE CLAIRE, Andie MacDowell tells the journalist her three beauty essentials are an eyebrow pencil, a light colored lipstick or a gloss, and the Melon Dollar Baby blush from L’ORÉAL.

This lightly watermelon scented blush actually resembles quite a lot NARS’s famous Orgasm cheek product. Both have a similar sunset-pink tint and also the same golden shimmery glow.

Pigmentation of this L’ORÉAL blush is buildable and easy to blend. Its staying power is actually good as well.

Verdict: Melon Dollar Baby is a pleasant and easy-to-use makeup product – also affordable – which can be applied on the eyelids as well (with the blush brush directly) for a healthy look.

As seen in…VOGUE Paris

Full Frontal, FENTY BEAUTY

In its latest February issue, VOGUE Paris had model Tara Lynn speak about the redefinition of beauty happening nowadays – an occasion for the magazine to showcase a selection of makeup products from brands which stand for diversity.

Among the selected items, the new Full Frontal mascara recently released by Rihanna’s well-known makeup line FENTY BEAUTY.

The first few times using the product can feel a little all over the place (lid) as the texture is quite wet – but as it gets dryer this issue disappears.

The wand is surprisingly light to hold which makes lash-coating cramp-free for your arm. The brush – both flat and fluffy – separates and curls the lashes pretty well.

However, please note the mascara can flake a little during the day leaving small particles under the eyes and may also transfer by the end of the day.

Verdict: Full Frontal is not an incredible mascara yet it can still be a practical product for an everyday use – if you don’t mind the flaking or transfer which may happen sometimes.


Joli Rouge in “Nude Brick”, CLARINS

This last makeup product is part of COSMOPOLITAN’s interview with model Jourdan Dunn who reveals her beauty secrets to the magazine among which her favorite lipstick being CLARINS’s Velvet Joli Rouge in shade “Nude Brick”.

As I could not find the Velvet Joli Rouge (matte finish) she’s referring to, I went for the 757 Joli Rouge lipstick which has a luminous finish – but still in the same “Nude Brick” color.

The smooth moisturizing texture is very pigmented and glides on very easily on the lips. As mentioned above, this lipstick gives a buttery sheen – which slowly fades as time goes by – and is comfortable to wear.

Colorwise, “Nude Brick” could be described as a brownish muted coral – very similar to the Pantone 2448 UP shade. This color might suit warm to neutral skin undertones better.

One detail to be aware of is the fruity fragrance: due to its medium staying power, it can still be felt (tasted) as you speak or simply rub your lips together.

Verdict: CLARINS’s Joli Rouge in “Nude Brick” is a beautiful underrated product which is enjoyable to use – if you do not mind the fragrance.


Wishing everyone a healthy quarantine.

Stay safe. Stay home.


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