BY TERRY: verdict – #1month1brand

After – not one – but two months and a half of testing, it’s finally time for the BY TERRY makeup kit verdict.

Each item will be reviewed individually with pros and cons according to my personal experience.

Let’s get started!


Brightening CC Serum in N3 Apricot Glow

The Brightening CC Serum was one of the items I was the most excited to receive and to try. I was amazed by the glow it gave to the faces of the influencers promoting it. So did it meet my expectation? No and then yes, here is why.

To give you a little context, when in lockdown I would sunbathe every morning to give myself a little tan but mostly to get as much sun and vitamin D as possible. So when I started using this By Terry serum, my skin was feeling a bit drier than usual despite wearing face cream very night and day.

The first time I put on the product, I felt as if the small glitter particles were being slightly abrasive and after a few minutes of wear, dry patches on my cheekbones were starting to appear for no apparent reason. The more I kept on using it I thought maybe the fragrance was not helping and was causing the dryness. So I stopped wearing the serum for a few days – as I was not really enjoying the experience – and then one morning decided to pair it with the foundation stick (newt product below) and it went on flawless. The dry areas were no where to be found – my skin was also not as much exposed to the sun as it was before. Eventually, I dared trying the product on its own and there was not any negative skin reactions.

Long story short, if your skin tends to be dry and/or sensitive, then I would not recommend the Brightening CC Serum as you might not enjoy the experience at all – no matter the glow.

Otherwise, the product keeps its promise by giving the face a glowing effect. Now, would I repurchase it again? I don’t think so as I don’t find this product really necessary.

Nude-Expert Duo Stick in N2.5 Nude Light

This Nude-Expert Duo Stick was a – generous – sample gifted by the brand as the order reached a certain amount. So it was for sure a great surprise as it meant one more product to test out!

This stick foundation is split into two different products: the first product is pigmented for coverage and the second one is transparent with a few glitters in it for a glowing effect.

Wearing it on a dryer skin made the foundation break into patches after an hour – not really the look anyone is looking for. The pasty texture was not blending in correctly with the skin.

When mixed in with the Brightening CC Serum, then the result was more convincing. I would swipe the Duo-Stick once under each eye – and a little on the cheeks – then drop half of a pump of serum on the foundation before blending everything in with fingers. This way, the foundation would slightly be more moisturized. This product has more of a medium coverage.

Overall, it is a good product but nothing out of the ordinary either. Not very suitable for dry skin as mentioned above.

Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

The Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder is a translucent mattifying powder with both a smooth texture and finish. The product melts into the skin very easily and does not leave any white traces behind.

The plastic packaging is simple and lightweight – which may be considered as a cons to some people as it does not really give a luxury aspect to the product. Other details to be noted are the velvety plastic cap which can get quite dirty with the powder and the classic messy loose powder pot structure which transfers too much powder on the top level when carried into a bag.

Otherwise, the product itself is enjoyable to use due to its unique texture and the result is satisfying. It does not dry the skin at all- which can be the case with other face powders – but because of its hydrating formula, it may leave a bit of shine by the end of the day.

I would recommend this Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder to dry skin – if needed – and to combination skin but it might not be mattifying enough for oily skin. Would I purchase it again? Yes – in 10 years, once I finish the first pot.

Brightening CC Palette

The Brightening CC Palette is unfortunately a limited edition. When I say “unfortunately” it is simply because the powders are all wonderful to use. Both blushes and bronzer are just perfectly pigmented – not too much but not invisible as well – and they all give a healthy glow to the skin. The same goes for the highlighter which gives the right amount of light to the face and melts flawlessly to the skin.

Each powder can be used in one single makeup look on the face – but on the eyes too – and I feel the colors would be suitable for any season.

The rose fragrance and pan design add a luxurious touch to the experience – bonus point for the engraving which lasts after many brush swipes. The packaging is plastic too but in a more high end manner: the palette feels a little heavy and its global design is beautiful.

If the stocks allowed it, I would have recommended this palette to people with light to medium/tan skin – some pans may be too pigmented for a fair skin and on the contrary, might not show up as much on a dark complexion. Also, please note these are mainly warm tones and might not look the same on a cool undertone skin. Maybe By Terry might either reissue this palette or create another one similar next summer…


Lash-Expert Twist Brush

The Lash-Expert Twist Brush mascara is a favorite of mine, I had already bought one before and was happy to repurchase it again for this By Terry makeup test.

As the name would suggest, the mascara has a twisting system that allows the brush to shrink – for volume – or elongate itself – to separate the lashes and give them more length. I prefer to use the brush all stretched out – as I find the tighter the brush, the messier.

The only cons for this product are that it may crumble a little during the day and sometimes transfer on the upper lid as well – if you happen to have hooded eyes like me. For this reason, I’m on the fence whether to recommend it or not. The result on the lashes looks great, the wand is easy to manipulate, the product is tear/rain-resistant yet it comes off easily in the shower but…the price is still a little high for a mascara that may crumble and transfer. Would I purchase it a third time? Yes probably, if I don’t find any other good mascaras because the result is still stunning.


Baume de Rose Lip Care

Last but not least, the Baume de Rose Lip Care, one of By Terry’s most iconic item. A “cult-classic” according to their website. Perfect for wearing under a mask. Yet, here are some pros and cons I thought would be useful to note.

The pot container is not very hygienic nor very practical to use during the day but my bad, I was the one who chose this format. Yet, you get more product with the pot than with the balm-stick for a more interesting price. Something else to take into consideration is the fragrance, Baume de Rose is – surprise – rose-scented and the scent can be tasted after application till the balm gets absorbed.

However, this lip balm truly hydrates the lips and leaves them soft and slightly tinted – if your lips are naturally pigmented. The texture is more goopy than sticky and once absorbed, it still leaves a thin protective layer.

If you are wanting to try this iconic product, I would suggest the pot for the price/quantity but the stick format for the practicality. Would I repurchase this balm? I don’t think so, there are other lip balms that work just as good as this one for a more reasonable price.


Overall, By Terry is a beautiful makeup brand with innovative and luxurious products. From what I have tested, I would say the powders are a hit whether the Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder or the Brightening CC Palette. The Lash-Expert Twist Brush mascara gives the lashes a polish effect although I wish the texture would stay put – nothing dramatic but it has to be noted. I think I was less impressed by the Brightening CC Serum – my expectation were maybe set a little too high for some reason. The Nude-Expert Duo Stick foundation was OK, not the kind of product I would usually use – as I tend not to wear foundation most of the time – but I’m glad it is part of my collection. As for the Baume de Rose lip balm, same thing: I’m glad I have it but I might try something else next time – I might miss it, who knows!

I would love to read your experience with By Terry‘s makeup products. I have not tried any eyeshadow palette by the brand because I never really found myself attracted to any of them. Maybe I’m missing out on something, let me know!


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