The Twilly [Hermès]

First introduced in Hermès’s Autumn/Winter 2003 scarf catalogue, the Twilly is a fun and versatile silk accessory which brings the perfect finishing touch to any kind of outfit.


1. VERSATILE – Tied around the neck, the hair, the wrist or even through trouser loops…the possibilities are endless.

2. TIMELESS – Just like its big brother Le Carré, this accessory is free from any trend and could be worn decades later.

3. QUALITATIVE – Hermès quality. The Twilly is a 100% silk piece folded in two and seamlessly sawn from the inside to take the shape of a ribbon.

4. AFFORDABLE – Given the quality and all the wearing options, the Twilly is for sure a piece to take into consideration if wanting to make a first step into luxury.

5. WARM – Silk simply keeps you warm – very pleasant in the winter when worn as a headband over the ears.

6. EFFORTLESS – Quick and easy, the Twilly is the perfect ready-to-tie piece if you’re not in a mood for folding – four of my favorite tying ideas below.

7. CHIC – Worn with a simple outfit, it adds just the right amount of chic – never overdoing it.

8. SMALL – As a XSS scarf, the Twilly is easy to manipulate and to store as its cylindric box does not take a much space.

9. FUN & COLORFUL – Being a XSS scarf does not make the Twilly less fun to experiment with, on the contrary. The many designs it comes in are always very cheerful and colorful – even the more neutral-toned ones have at least a pop of color – to brighten any outfit.

10. COLLECTOR’S ITEM – Just like the Carré scarves, Twillys are lovely accessories to collect as they come in different motifs/color combinations each season and are designed by different artists as well.


Featuring the “Faubourg Rainbow” Twilly in Red/White/Bordeaux.


Material 100% silk twill – Size 5 x 86 cm – Price 160 € (2021)


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