Until Use Do Us Apart

Faithfulness is a trait considered highly valuable in human relationships but often neglected towards material goods.

With so many options, new trends, great deals, recurrent sales, is it really possible to fully enjoy what we already have without being distracted?

The answer is yes but it may involve some practice and some commitment.


Don’t let the “Fear Of Missing Out” control your purchases – you’re not actually missing much and eventually will forget about it later as everybody else will.

FOMO tends to appear when trends are pushed to the public. It is perfectly OK not to own the latest IT-bag – I would add that it actually makes you more unique and genuine to wear something completely different.

A IT-piece is surely hard to escape, it will chase you out no matter how many streets you cross. The good news is, people tend to get sick of IT being worn by every one and their grandma – and usually it doesn’t last long before IT disappears.

Céline’s Luggage Tote, Jacquemus’s Chiquito, Gucci’s Dionysus or GG Marmont, Fendi’s Baguette… the list goes on. All of these IT-bags had or still are having their moment but will forever be reminiscent of a certain decade – or an even shorter period.

So, don’t rush. Stay focused. You will get over IT very quickly I promise.

However, if the desire persists, then it might be time to let your head enter the arena.


Ask yourself why this particular piece appeals to you and be honest in your answers.

Would owning this piece give you the feeling of belonging to the “cool club”? Uniqueness is cooler.

• Did you see this piece being featured on so many posts by so many people on Instagram (or other socials) that it started to grow on you too? It’s called brainwashing, but you can be stronger than that.

Do you even like the design to begin with? Be very honest – because it’s from a luxury brand you may like does not always mean it’s your taste.

Would this piece correspond to your lifestyle? If not, why even bother torture yourself with envy.

Would it go with the rest of your wardrobe? If not, it for sure will waste space sitting in it.

Those questions are not only meant for anyone – regardless of your bank account – but also for anything – regardless of the price tag.

Whether you can afford an item or not, you shouldn’t think any different.

Otherwise it’s a waste. A waste of money, a waste of space, a waste of time, a waste of energy. Again, regardless of the price you are about to pay.


Cherish what you already have and carefully select each piece you decide to add to your collection. “But how?”, you may ask, “how can I bring the same amount of excitement a new piece brings me with what I already own?”.

I would suggest you to play. Play with your wardrobe as if you were to play dress up.

Try different combinations, try various ways of wearing a piece, get inspired by outfits you see (in movies, pictures) and try to recreate the vibe with what you own. Wearing your hair in different styles can change up a look – as well as makeup.


Well, after mix and matching your pieces together you’ll find out you might prefer some over others.

A cut that fits you better or a color that enhances your skin tone. Pay attention to these details.

Give away the pieces of clothing that you feel don’t do anything for you and recycle the ones that are worn out (holes, faded material, ill-fitting after several washes, etc.).

That being done, if you must, next time you will go shopping, remember your wardrobe and what cut/shape/colors fit you best.

Also, pay attention to the material it’s made of as it will tell you about the quality – natural materials are usually the best choice.

Mistakes will be made but the most important is to learn from them.

Also, don’t feel like you have to stick to one style your whole life – you’ll evolve and so will your taste, needs and style.

Experiment, have fun and follow your instincts!


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