PS: I [still] love you

For this Valentine’s Day, let’s show some love – period. A great occasion to also show some love to our old favorites. Today, I decided to pick three of my it-pieces/products from the past to enjoy them as much as I did before. Keep scrolling to find out the chosen ones.


This was my first signature scent since high school – before I fell into the fragrance rabbit hole – needless to say it has a special place in my heart.

A few days ago, I started digging into my collection and found this adorable miniature bottle. It had been quite a while since I had not worn Flowerbomb and I wondered if it would still suit my new “grown self”. Long story short: it does!

As the name would suggest, Flowerbomb is an explosion of floral notes strengthened by patchouli and vanilla. It is a powerful seduction weapon and a true compliment magnet. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

2. BALM STAIN 001 Honey by REVLON

As a beauty lover, it can be quite a feat to stay faithful to only one product as temptation is simply everywhere. However, this lipstick is the only one I have been keeping a spare in stock just in case.

First of all, the texture is extremely comfortable for it is a balm yet it is quite pigmented. The glossy finish tones down after a little while leaving a beautiful stain on the lips – without it being ever dry. Bonus points for the fresh minty scent and this perfect nude shade.


This deep green crossbody bag is also a very special piece in my collection as it was my first high-end bag purchase.

For a little backstory, I was strolling around the aisles looking for the perfect black purse when my eyes landed on this deep green beauty: it was love at first sight. The black version was also displayed but it was the green that made my heart drop. I thought of how maybe the black would logically match with more outfit combinations but the green eventually won the battle and came home with me.

Spoiler alert: the green color is as versatile as the bag itself! I recall wearing my Gotham over and over again and loving every moment with it. Its many pockets are just the most practical and its grainy leather is the strongest considering how much I have worn it.

Two little downside points though: first, it is quite a heavy baby and second, the design has unfortunately been discontinued – but it still can be found second hand.

If there’s any moral to the story, it would be to enjoy what we already have as there is a good chance we picked exciting fun pieces to begin with. This second part would actually by my advice to you: choose carefully with your head but let your heart speak in the process.

And what are your “oldie but goodie” pieces? Share them in the comments!


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