Simply Particolare

“Simplicity. Authenticity. Comfort.” is how Managing Director Constance Ponti would describe her brand Object Particolare. Intrigued much? Keep scrolling to find out more.


Meet Object Particolare Milano’s three key protagonists : Petra Langerova, Eric Joselzon, and Constance Ponti.

Petra Langerova [©Valentin Le Cron –]

Petra Langerova – Former Head of Design for Everlane – and the creator behind the brand’s first luxury launch of its black leather tote – Petra Langerova’s minimalistic vision and her description of Everlane’s The Petra Market bag “there’s nothing that distracts the eye […] I like to design something that serves me and I don’t serve the object” (clip by Quinn Cantwell), resonate in Object Particolare’s creative approach. In 2018, the Slovakian designer not only became one of the two cofounders of Object Particolare but also the House’s first Designer.

Eric Joselzon [©Valentin Le Cron –]

Eric Joselzon – Since 2015, Eric Joselzon is the CEO of leather-goods production company Siloe (Vicenza, northern Italy). Two years later, in 2017, he met Petra Langerova and together they decided to cofound Object Particolare. For a little background story, Siloe is a leather-goods factory founded in 1987 which works for big luxury Houses including some from the French luxury group Kering.

Constance Ponti [©Valentin Le Cron –]

Constance Ponti – Part French, part Italian, it was her Italian side of the family that introduced her to the leather industry as they both co-owned and worked in leather ateliers in the Venetian region. With a foot in the dramatic world, as both actress and director, and another foot in the leather industry, as Managing Director, Constance Ponti’s profile is for sure one of a kind but her creativity is the common denominator for both worlds. In her interview for The Fashion Stories, she tells fashion journalist Inès Matsika: “I’m part of those who think that fashion is an art” and it’s this love for different types of art that transpires in the conception behind Object Particolare’s collections.


When asked about the meaning behind the name Object Particolare, Petra Langerova answers: “the name comes from the way we see beauty, which is that every woman has beauty in their own […] ‘particular’ way. It also refers to the minutiae, the small characteristics about a person or an object […] that make it unique”.

According to Constance Ponti, Object Particolare’s guiding principle is “minimalistic, architectural, and timeless”. Why “architectural” you may ask, well, simply because Petra Langerova used to study architecture before switching to fashion, which gives the bags their refine design and structure.

Each bag is 100% made in Italy with Italian leather and handcrafted in limited numbers by local artisans in accordance to the demand. Each piece is unique and is numbered as well.

An important nuance to note is that Object Particolare was created to showcase the leather atelier’s craftsmanship through a brand.

Siloe’s Team [©Object Particolare]

Designer Petra Langerova comments in her interview on how sustainable the brand is by “making them (the bags) to last” her “top priority”. She then proceeds by saying the bags are lightweight – which I can confirm – allowing women to pack all their necessities from day to night.

Last but not least, Constance Ponti tells Leather Fashion Design editor-in-chief Laëtitia Blin that she wanted “to offer a more understated version of luxury with Object Particolareat a more affordable price”.


Named after late Italian icon Monica Vitti, the Vitti bag is part of Petra Langerova’s first collection. Its curvy yet structured design was inspired by “La Cupola”, the actress’s house in Sardinia by industrial designer and architect Dante Bini.

The Vitti Collection ranges from size mini to large and is available in eight different colors (wine, anthracite, tan, moss, black, crema, rosa antico and azzurra).

And to feel even more particolare, Object Particolare has released a limited collection revisiting their iconic Vitti bag called Edizione Particolare.

How is that collection different from the rest? Well, the House not only added a pop of fun to their iconic Vitti design but these are also limited to thirty pieces per color – tan/fuchsia, moss/yellow and black/electric blue. Each bag is a size medium, handcrafted and numbered as per usual. The colorful circle pouch is detachable and can be worn by itself thanks to its strap that can be attached to make the hold of the clutch more secure.

Order wise, please note there are shipping fees – which adds an extra 15€ to the total amount which could be a little turn off – but besides that, everything else is perfect. The delivery arrives on time and is beautifully packaged in a glossy white box carefully padded with tissue paper. The handbag is protected in a dust bag and comes with an authentication card.

Object Particolare in soon releasing a new collection in collaboration with Italian artist and architect Michele de Lucchi from AMDL CIRCLE studio. Exciting!


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