Iris Kiss

A soft breeze. A gentle sun. Crisp grass dripping in the morning dew. In the distance, a fluffy melody waking new delicate blooms. Season of romance, till the golden afternoons. Hello Spring!

Fresh or powdery, iris is a the perfect flower to wear for both warm and cool temperatures. Keep scrolling…

IRIS PORCELANA (eau de parfum) is a recent release from House EX NIHILO Paris by Master perfumer Dalia Izem. Iris pallida, nicknamed the “blue gold” of perfumery, is worked here as delicate French porcelain. Iris Porcelana introduces itself in a whiff of fresh violet leaf to then evolve unexpectedly into a creamy iris enhanced by notes of sandalwood. The graceful powder facet of iris is given a twist for a smooth second skin perfume result.

INFUSION D’IRIS (eau de parfum) by Daniela Andrieux is from the PRADA Infusion collection which aims to interpret natural scents by giving them a modern twist. This particular Infusion might be considered a staple in terms of iris scents and here’s why. The scent introduces itself with a splash of citrus notes – which include neroli and mandarin – that give a refreshing touch right from the start. Once the splash has toned down, iris makes an entrance in a puff of powder to linger on the skin, soft like velvet. Inoffensive yet it does not come unnoticed, this iris scent is surely modern by its pureness and a great spring fragrance choice with its fresh top notes and powdery delicacy.

IRIS (eau de parfum) is part of CHLOÉ’s new private collection “Atelier des Fleurs” which concept evokes a visit to the florist. Iris is a Steve Guo creation and is one of the three new releases from this particular collection. Its components are 100% of natural origin and the iris used is said to come from the middle of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Fragrance wise, it is quite a solar and creamy iris, not as powdery in contrast to other irises from this selection. Simply, an inoffensive sweet sun-kissed iris – that could also be layered with another flower from this “Atelier des Fleurs” line to create your own personal bouquet.

FLORENTINA (eau de parfum) is by House and nose SYLVAINE DELACOURTE (ex Perfume Creative Director for GUERLAIN), a perfume tribute to the Italian city of Florence and its iris pallida. Sylvaine Delacourte describes her fragrance as follow: “The tenderness of powdered flowers envelops you like cashmere on the skin”. The iris cloud is fluffed by white musk and almond notes meanwhile vetiver adds a touch of character to the overall velvety tenderness.

N19 POUDRÉ (eau de parfum) from CHANEL is, as the name would suggest, a more powdery version of the classic N19 by Henri Robert – Gabrielle Chanel’s last perfume launch which she named after her birthday (August 19th). In 2011, Jacques Polge decided to revisit the legendary N19 to enhance the key iris note adding a great dose of downy white muscs. The result: a floral-green fragrance that indeed puts iris at the center of attention right from the start but soon softens into a fluffy bubble of powder. The subtle soapiness in the scent reveals its Chanel DNA.

IRIS UKIYOÉ (eau de toilette) is one of HERMÈS’s Hermessences, a collection of olfactive poems created by Jean-Claude Ellena and Christine Nagel to pay tribute to raw material. Inspired by Japanese prints, Jean-Claude Ellena created Iris Ukiyoé as of it were a light and delicate watercolor. The first color that comes to mind is green: broken stems from a freshly picked bouquet, a crisp and watery scent. The color purple on the bottle would actually relate to the atmosphere that emanates from Iris Ukiyoé: not really warm but not quite cold either. A floating presence that only reveals itself to the closest around. Discreet – almost transparent – but never too far.

HIRIS (eau de toilette) is also from HERMÈS and is considered semi-exclusive fragrance. Olivia Giacobetti is the nose behind this scent launched in 1999: unlike Iris Ukiyoé, Hiris is a powdery iris, yet it is also quite an airy fragrance too. Notes of aldehydes add a clean bubble bath facet while notes of violet help maintain the softness of the iris. A puff of elegance and character.

Happy Spring and happy spraying!


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