Tote-ally You

Dream it, scroll it, choose it, view it, buy it, work it, snap – update it.


French founder and creator, François Rénier, first started his journey as a producer of handcrafted luxury objects to then smoothly transition into the world of fine leather craft. His story can be broken down into three acts: emotion, ephemeral, style. He began integrating emotion by hot stamping poetic quotes on small leather goods. He then created the ephemeral at the 1998 “Première Classe” fair showcasing his iconic leather motif paper bag in trompe l’œil style to which he hooked removable crocodile handles through his trademark eyelets. This event naturally led to one of the idea behind his independent label which is to affirm one’s style.


The name “Un Jour Un Sac” (or “A Bag A Day” in English) fully describes the concept in itself. To anyone who likes experimenting with styles and colors, Un Jour Un Sac is the answer to your prayers. The idea is to co-create your handbag to make it unique – to make it you. Collections are created by French craftsmen in reasonable stocks and more and more in recycled materials to be as sustainable as possible.

Your journey into co-creating your bag starts by choosing the shape and the size of the main body part of the bag as well as the material it will be made of – either textile or leather. Once you have decided, it’s time to scroll among the 30 colors available to find which one would suit your vision best. Then, comes the choice of handles: long or short, in which material and in what color? Finally, would you like to add a small zipped pouch? That’s it!

The fun part is also to get different handles to switch them and play with the overall style of the bag to make it match your #ootd and your mood. The possibilities are infinite!


Although the House’s concept relies on customization, it also offers fully assembled bags – that can later be altered. The iconic design being the Tote Bag of course, it comes in a large range of sizes, material and colors. Yet, if you scroll in the Leather Collection category, you can discover other “ready-to-buy” pieces, both crossbody or shoulder wear bags, that are too customizable.

The overall style is quite elegant and minimalist, the body of the bag usually comes in one plain color. Patterns are indeed seldom part of a collection, except for the current NEOTREXY and TRENUBA designs which braided fabric gives an interesting texture to the tote – dare I say sometimes giving a little Bottega Veneta “intrecciato” vibe?

Three details to keep in mind though about the tote are 1) how sometimes a little difficult it can be to switch the handles – completely random from bag to bag, 2) the saggy appearance it can have when not using the plastic bottom accessory, and 3) the fact your belongings are out in the open for everyone to see as it is a tote after all.

Besides their website, Un Jour Un Sac is also physically present in four different countries (France, Japan, Italy, and the Netherlands) either with their own boutiques or through partners. Happy shopping!


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