Le Carré [Hermès]

Light, soft and delicate… Hermès knows how to keep you warm with style. Since 1937, the square-shaped silk scarf is an emblematic piece of the House. Worn by icons from Grace Kelly, to Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Onassis, this simple yet sophisticated accessory became a must-have that spelled glamor and French chic. Hermès savoir-faire and the multiple designs … More Le Carré [Hermès]

Effortless Summer

If summer is all about effortless and comfort, who said style should be left out? Go monochrome for an effortless look. Wear staple pieces for comfort. Choose different textures for a hint of style. That’s all. A monochrome outfit does not require multiple pieces of clothing – quite the opposite actually. The key word for this type … More Effortless Summer

Trinity Ring [Cartier]

This legendary, now classic, Trinity ring was created in 1924 by Louis Cartier. Its Art Déco design is recognizable yet timeless. This precious jewel is composed of three bands of three different gold colors which intertwine with one another. The Trinity ring is also known as the “love ring” as each band stands for a promise. The white gold band … More Trinity Ring [Cartier]

The long skirt

While I’ve always considered long skirts to be a very challenging yet interesting piece of clothing, I’ve never dared to take the plunge. See, the trick with these is that they can easily shrink one’s silhouette if not worn “correctly” – especially if you’re not a tall person. Then one day, there it was. Hidden among other clothes, a … More The long skirt